CNPC – AktobeMunaygas. Internet and data transmission

CNPC – AktobeMunaygas. Internet and data transmission

About the project

Collaboration since 2001. The client came to ASTEL with a request for solving the telemetry data transmitting problem for Zhanazhol power grids and organizing dedicated Internet channels. Zhanazhol fields are placed in Mugalzhar district of Aktobe region which is a remote region with poor infrastructure. In the shortest possible time, we completed installation of SkyEdge satellite equipment and provided client’s power grid with required telemetry. Along with this service we provided the field with dedicated Internet access channels. ASTEL also maintains company's website and arranges DNS support.



Get consultation, commercial offer and additional information on services by contacting ASTEL by phone +7 (727) 312-00-02 or by calling regional offices that are listed on the Contact page.

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