Internet of Things (IoT)

Agriculture tracking

ASTEL offers agricultural tracking solutions to help you increase the productivity and efficiency of your business.


These days it is quite difficult to imagine the world without widespread digitalization, and the agricultural sector is not an exception. Counting and tracking cattle or monitoring equipment conditions is only a small fraction of what can be done efficiently and productively through digitalization. Digital agriculture is a global concept, which includes various areas.


ASTEL offers the following technologies for deploying agricultural tracking:


Internet and telephony. Provision of stable Internet in hard-to-reach places in Kazakhstan, creation of a corporate and local network. Satellite technologies allow you to organize communication in the shortest periods practically anywhere in the Republic of Kazakhstan!


Monitoring cattle activity. The developed monitoring system will save time, increase profitability, and conduct 24/7 health monitoring of your cattle.


Soil moisture monitoring. Get all the important information about quality, moisture levels and soil conditions on your farms. Chemical data, temperature and pH data can also be recorded and monitored to help with irrigation and fertilization decisions.


Warehouse monitoring. This includes the installation of temperature sensors, humidity sensors, fire control, a room opening/closing system and remote monitoring of various environmental indicators.


Digital farm. Automation of irrigation management and monitoring of soil parameters, multiplexed analysis of crops, digital filling station, remote security, wear forecasting techniques.


Remote video surveillance. Remote monitoring of the farm, online viewing, video recording, installation in remote areas, keeping the recorded material to a storage medium.


Tracking of agriculture also includes unmanned monitoring of fields, tracking of agricultural equipment, remote metering of energy resources and weather stations. Please contact ASTEL to get a detailed consultation.

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