Portable and mobile satellite complexes

Command and staff vehicle

ASTEL company offers a unique integration solution - a command and staff vehicle (CSV) to provide communications in the field for the effective work of law enforcement agencies.  Due to the rapid deployment to the establishment sites and the provision of personnel with all types of communications, the CSV helps to manage units and subdivisions of the armed forces and other other law enforcement agencies, as well as interact with other organizations and departments.


CSV Functionality:

  • Organization of a local area network and automated workstations for the work of officers of the operational staff and crew members
  • Automation of processing, transmission, display and storage of information
  • Formation of duplex and simplex radio channels, as well as data transmission channels in the SW and USW bands in motion, at stops and in the parking lot
  • Provision of service facility radio communication
  • Organization of wired internal communications in circulating and selective communications with access to radio channels
  • Autonomous internal testing and diagnostics
  • Automatic determination of the coordinates of its location
  • Secrecy of speech and data during transmission over wired and radio channels
  • Link to communication nodes and control points
  • Continuous round-the-clock operation


 ASTEL specialists assemble a command and staff vehicle based on various types of vehicles, depending on the volume inside the equipment and the requirements for driving characteristics. CSV can be implemented on the basis of NIVA, UAZ, Kamaz, Ural. The complete set of the CSV is individual for every client.


The CSV complex includes:

  • Satellite data transmission system
  • SW, USW and tactical radio equipment
  • Switching system (ATE or gateway)
  • Equipment of the data transmission node
  • Video and visual data processing equipment
  • Power supply and life support equipment
  • Other equipment and systems


Advantages of CSV from ASTEL company:

  • A unique development with no analogues in the market of Kazakhstan
  • Individual solutions for each client's request
  • High expertise of technical specialists
  • Flexible pricing
  • 24/7 customer service and operational support