Переносные и мобильные спутниковые комплексы

Mobile satellite rapid deployment communication suite (MSS)


Autonomous, portable satellite system for the operational organization of communication of mobile units. Provides data transmission, video transmission and telephone communication from any point of deployment in the most difficult conditions.


The suite may be used by emergency services, military divisions, organisations engaged in emergency response as well as oil worker, driller teams etc.

Major suite components include small mobile satellite terminal (VSAT) in shock-absorbent, dust and wet-proof case, portable durable satellite antenna and additional equipment.

Structural suite solution enables to perform assembly by one person without any additional instruments and establish communication from location under temperature range from -40 to +60 C. 


MSS enables to arrange the following:  

  • telephone communication – both with corporate telephone network subscribers, and with potential calls via public network;
  • data transfer via IP protocol – both inside corporate network and with potential Internet access;
  • video signal transfer via satellite channel – from either mobile video camera or video surveillance camera, directly connected to terminal;
  • video signal acceptance from wireless video camera and its retranslation via satellite channel;
  • video signal acceptance from satellite channel with translation on embedded and/or external display;
  • WiFi wireless network