Portable and mobile satellite complexes

Satellite communications on trains

The provision of Internet, telephone and videoconferencing facilities for medical trains provides a great opportunity for providing medical care to residents of remote stations.



ASTEL company provides satellite Internet connection services for connecting trains based on Gilat Satellite Networks technology, which allows the transmission of data, voice and video, both stationary and in motion.


The E-7000 high-performance mobile transceiver satellite antenna, used to equip trains with Internet, is compatible with any standard external Ku-band transmitters.


Physical characteristics:

Size of external block 130 (170 including transmitter) x 130 x 30 cm

Weight of external block 50 kg (only antenna, no transmitter)

Size of internal block 1U 19"

Weight of external block 6 kg


Electrical characteristics:

Frequency range

  • to receive 10,95 ‐ 12,75 GHz
  • to transmit 14,0 ‐ 14,5 GHz


Linear polarization (with automatic adjustment)


  • to receive 35 dBi
  • to transmit 36 dBi


Quality of reception (G/T) 13,0 dB/°K

EIRP lines up 52 dBW

Cross-polarization > 25 dB

Input range of IF (transmission) 950 - 1450 MHz

Output range of IF

(reception) 950 - 1450 MHz



- 12-24 V  - direct current

- 110-220 V - alternating current (antenna)

Continuous power consumption 250 W (antenna) + 10 W (internal unit)


Operating characteristics:

Range of seat angles 0°- 90° (automatic adjustment)

Range of azimuth angles 360° (continuous automatic adjustment)

Tracking speed on azimuth 150°/s

Range of polarization angles from -180° to +180° (automatic adjustment)

Primary guidance and capture of the satellite < 12 s, automatically by the satellite's radio beacon or manually according to data from the built-in database

Re-pointing to satellite <5 s (when leaving the visibility zone for < 20 min)

Accuracy of azimuth tracking - 0,2° at  60°/s, 360°/s2

Accuracy of tracking by angle of location - 0.9° at 45°/s, 180°/s2


Electrical interfaces:

Transmission - WR75

Reception - TNC


Environmental requirements:

Working temperature -40°C to +70°C

Relative humidity up to 95%

Speed up to 350 km/h


Advantages of connection using E-7000 antennas:

High capacity

Easy and fast installation

Additional built-in terminal including antenna, BUC and modem