Emergency Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. PSC-100

Emergency Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. PSC-100

About the project

Collaboration since 2011. The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan operates in extremely critical and emergency situations, such as natural disasters, extreme weather conditions and emergency cases. Therefore, the equipment used by the Ministry staff members must be reliable, fault-tolerant and easy to operate. For the needs of the Ministry ASTEL produced and delivered a portable satellite complex of rapid deployment (PSC-100) which enables fast data transmission, video broadcasting and telephone communication from the place of emergency works. The complex is designed for emergency services, individual military units and bodies involved in emergency consequences elimination, as well as for oil workers, drillers, etc.

The Ministry of Emergency has been successfully using the PSC-100 in Zhambyl region, Zhana-Ozen town and other places around Kazakhstan. The equipment helped to arrange telecommunications and during the Victory parade in Otar city in 2013, during numerous international workshops as Kazpass-2012.



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