Alau TV. Satellite capacity rental. Equipment supply.

Alau TV. Satellite capacity rental. Equipment supply.

About the project

ALAU TV and ASTEL сooperation started back in 2008. ASTEL provided satellite capacity for rent and sale which helped to increase airtime for the TV company.


Earlier ALAU TV programs were aired for only 5 hours a day. Now ALAU company broadcasts TV programs around-the-clock. After the project was implemented anyone in the most remote areas and villages could become ALAU programs viewer just having a satellite antenna or cable TV. At the moment several new projects at once are being prepared for airing on ALAU TV.



Get consultation, commercial offer and additional information on services by contacting ASTEL by phone +7 (727) 312-00-02 or by calling regional offices that are listed on the Contact page.

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