ASTEL IoT Laboratory launched at the Eurasian National University


ASTEL IoT Laboratory launched at the Eurasian National University

On May 20, 2021, ASTEL launched an Internet of Things (IoT) laboratory at the Faculty of Physics and Technology of the Eurasian National University.


The IoT laboratory created by us is an educational material and technical resource that will allow ENU students to receive not only theoretical, but also practical knowledge in one of the most advanced and promising areas of the telecommunications industry - the Internet of Things.


At the opening ceremony of the IoT laboratory at ENU, the Vice-President of ASTEL Vladimir Volkov made a speech. He emphasized that the fruitful cooperation between ENU and ASTEL has been counted for more than one year.


“The opening of this laboratory is the next step in our cooperation. Students have another platform for personal growth, and the ties between business and the university are strengthened. The laboratory was conceived as support for students in the study of a promising direction of IoT, as well as in testing and preparation of research works,” Vladimir Volkov said.


In his speech, Vladimir Volkov noted that another significant moment of cooperation between the telecom operator and the university was the joint participation in the scholarship program, which was developed by ASTEL JSC for the leading technical universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the company. “We used the scholarship program as an opportunity to attract young, talented specialists to get an internship in the company. According to the results of the first year, more than 10 graduates were invited to our company.


After the launch of the program, in 2019, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between ASTEL and the Eurasian National University, within the framework of which the curricula of the university in physical and technical specialties were adjusted. The purpose of the memorandum was to train specialists in demand in the labor market, whose knowledge is not divorced from the realities of the industry and is supported by practical skills and understand the peculiarities of the telecom market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.