New article in Petroleum magazine: Link to the land and the sea. №4 (88) September 2014


New article in Petroleum magazine: Link to the land and the sea. №4 (88) September 2014

Actively applying innovative approaches, ASTEL constantly introduces new, more complex and modern products and technical solutions to the Kazakhstan market. Artem Urazimbetov, Marketing Manager of ASTEL JSC, shared with us the latest achievements of the company. In addition to such products, which provide sustainable and uninterrupted communication in any conditions (which is especially important for the Uninterrupted Production Group, which is an oil and gas production unit) »(Atyrau).


Before the developers of the project, the Client was provided with the following tasks: to connect the military land and sea services of the company; to organize telephone communication and channel for Internet provision on the barge "Geo Energy Group". It should be noted that the client already uses the satellite network built by ASTEL. Geo Energy Group has installed Sky Edge satellite systems at ground facilities. Now, as a result of the implementation of the project "Sea Antenna", the client received a single protected information network, which unites communications, as on land, so and in the sea. This allowed the Customer to expedite and simplify the paperwork between the shipping company, the coastal services and the courts of the fleet and to reduce the cost of communication. The possibility of using services on the basis of sea antennas is significant, not just the Internet and telephone.


There is a possibility of organizing such services as video conferencing, remote connection and control, monitoring of ship parameters with the coast and many others. This project was successfully completed in mid-November 2013, despite the fact that ASTEL was the first to implement the project with this equipment. The time played a big role - it was important to have time to finish all the work until the frost hits the Caspian Sea, and it will cover the ice. The project used the following basic equipment: Antenna COBHAM USAT24 - 0.6 m; GPS compass; Satellite modem Sky Edge II Pro. Work on the project lasted for 3 years. During this period, presentations of solutions, consultations, project development, ordering, delivery, installation, commissioning were held. Initially, the equipment was tested in Almaty, in the ASTEL head office, integrated, then the installation and start-up was performed by the Client. The integration of SeaTel systems with third-party equipment was carried out: GPS compass, satellite modem Sky Edge II Pro. As a result, the client gave a high assessment of the work performed: the result will be achieved, the task successfully completed!


A similar complex project is not the first "in the asset" of specialists of the Kazakh company. ASTEL has been providing telecommunications services and integration of a large number of companies and organizations in the oil-producing regions of Kazakhstan for more than 20 years: in particular, in Aktobe, Atyrau, Kyzylorda, West Kazakhstan and West Kazakhstan regions. Among ASTEL's customers there are such large mining companies as Tengizchevroil and PetroKazakhstan. The company also consulted a number of companies involved in the development of the Karachaganak oil and gas condensate field.


The subject of ASTEL's pride is its cooperation with the North Caspian Consortium, which is leading the development of the giant Kashagan field in the Kazakh sector of the Caspian Sea. This project is rightly called the project of the 21st century. The office in Atyrau, working practically from the moment of founding the company, is the leader among the regional divisions. For the past two decades, the staff of the office has practically not changed. And this means that today they are not just professionals in their field, but also experienced experts in the specifics of the region. If the function of the company to formulate in several words, then it will sound so - to make a stable connection from any point and from any point on the earth. Ïmeya on voorwjenïï Hardware fire vedwşçïx mïrovıx proïzvodïteley, ASTEL predlagaet Svoik client şïrokïy spectrum vısokokaçestvennıx services, Num kotorıx: next to solutions and services, cellular services along spwtnïkovıx Communications and wireless access, teleradïoveşçanïe and telephony, access to the Internet, System integration and postavka Hardware , as well as the development and implementation of other projects of any complexity.


 Working in close contact with customers, taking into account the specifics of their business processes, as well as individual inquiries, the company is constantly evolving, finding solutions that respond to the most demanding needs of customers. Additional competitive advantage is that ASTEL customers together with the service receive technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Working with such global clients forces the company to raise the level of its services to such a global level. ASTEL already has five international certificates in different areas (ISO 27001: 2005, ISO 20000-1: 2011, OHSAS 18001: 2007, ISO 14001: 2004, ISO 9001: 2008).


As a Kazakhstani telecommunications integrator, ASTEL fully meets the needs of oil corporations and intends to further improve the quality of service to its customers. The SeaTel USAT24 system is a marine receiver stabilized Ku-band antenna with a diameter of 60 centimeters. The system is compatible with modems of leading world manufacturers: GILAT (Sky Edge 1 and 2), iDirect, Eastar, HUGHES (HNS), VIASAT.